Make Google love your link popularity!

Posted on 05. Nov, 2010 by Dennis in SEO & SEM

Make Google love your link popularity!

This short article offers valuable information about Search Engine Optimization. And there are many more like this, giving even more valuable content about Search Engine Optimization, Page Rank and Link Popularity.

We all now that the most important thing to rank well in search engines is your link popularity. Again we all now that in google’s eyes link popularity is very important.What many people don’t know is that the best way to build your link popularity is with topical articles.

First let’s see why.

They contain a bio of the author, article re-print instructions, copyright information and a link back to your website.The great part is that your link popularity will be built from legitimate links not just reciprocal links,link farms or other similar things.And the google staff once said that they will look at more than just the anchor text.They analyze the whole page from where the link is coming to your site.

This couldn’t be better.Just think.By writing and posting topical articles you can build a large ammount of links pointing to your site, links coming from optimized pages, and that’s what google wants.A link that comes from a site related to you it’s worth a lot more than a link that is posted on a site that has nothing to do with yours.Now you have full control of how the page with your link will look like because you will write the article.

Most webmasters will put your article title in the title page and your optimized article will appear above the link.All this things will make sure that your link is coming from the best place possible and Google will love it.

Let’s see again all the benefits you get by writing topical articles:

1.You build your site content.Google loves content too, the more you have the better it is.

2.You promote your website. With more keyword-rich text on more pages, you will increase the number of pages indexed by the search engines.

3.Other websites will link back to your website.

4.You become an authority on your topic. Search engines reward sites with a larger number of inbound links from sites dealing with similar topics.

Now that you know how things go with topical articles and google let’s see the steps you should take to a successful link building with them.

1.Write your articles.Just choose a subject related to your website content and write about it.If you feel like you don’t want/know how to write them you can always hire a freelance writer to do the articles for you.Your choice.But make sure that your articles will be keyword rich.

2.Put your articles on your site so every one can see them and allow them to be re-published as long as credit is given to you and your site.You’ll be surprised to see that soon webmasters will start posting them on their sites and your link popularity will start increasing.

3.You can email other webmasters your self and ask them if they want to post your articles on their websites.Most webmasters always look for content so it’s a win-win situation and they will agree to post you link with them.

4.You can submit your articles to many articles directories so webmasters can pick them up from there.Here’s a small list of articles directories where you can submit them with no problem :

Of course there are many more;you can search for them in google and submit to all of them, the more the better.

Just think of what you like to write, do it and then go hunting for links.It requires hard work but it’s worth the time you spend with them in the long run.

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