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Stay Positive But Be Realistic

Posted on 04. Oct, 2009 by Dennis.


Today were going to talk alittle bit about staying positive..

You need to have a positive yet cautiously realistic attitude toward your own abilities and yourself. Knowing your capabilities and being realistic about your possibilities are starting places for success.

For example, your chances of being a rocket scientist are slim if you flunked high school math twice, so spending several years in college taking every course you need to be a rocket scientist but avoiding the math classes until the last semester is the same as planning to fail.

Unrealistic expectations are the seedbed of depression. If you gained 20 pounds over the last three years, believing that you can lose all 20 pounds in three or four weeks is setting yourself up for a letdown. That goal just isn’t realistic.

You should, however, be far more positive than negative. You can undermine your success just as easily by setting your sights…

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Allow Yourself To Be Successful!

Posted on 04. Oct, 2007 by Dennis.


Take a look at your belief system and see if you are holding yourself back by not believing sufficiently in the possibility of prosperity. Can you actually realistically imagine yourself as a successful, satisfied, fulfilled person?

Can you really open your eyes to the goodness and beauty and abundance that are all around you? Can you imagine this world transformed into a prosperous and supportive environment in which everyone can flourish?

Unless you can create a context that the world is a good place to be and can potentially work for everyone, you will experience difficulty in creating what you want in your personal life.

This is because human nature is basically loving, and so most of us will not allow ourselves to have what we want as long as we believe that we might be depriving others in order to do so.

We have to understand in a deep way that having what…

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