Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Build Your List NOW!

Build a list of subscribers. Your list is the ultimate tool for keeping in touch with your website visitors. You will hear many, many times about how having a huge list of subscribers can literally mean big income for you.

Having a huge subscriber list allows you to generate mountainous income by selling multiple times to the same customers over and over again. When you need money, all you have to do is find a quality product and endorse it to your subscribers.

With an opt-in list you can get massive high-quality traffic to any website instantly.

Having a large subscriber list also opens many doors for you. You will have greater success getting JV partners, as well as opportunities literally thrown at you.

The benefits are endless.

Create a weekly newsletter. This is a great way to start out building your list. Create a free gift package, maybe a report, an ebook, software, etc., that you can provide to your signups as incentive. Make sure your signup form is placed predominately on your site.


1. Be creative and find ways, whatever it takes, to get customers to sign up to your list. Once a customer is on your mailing list, they’re a prospect (and hopefully a new customer) for life! Repeat sales will be the lifeblood for your business.

Promote your mailing list EVERYWHERE possible! In your email, on your website, your auctions…EVERYWHERE! Find clever and unique ways to get your list information out there! Use your own creativity and come up with some “never before seen” ways to attract new subscribers! Browse the net and see what other retailers are doing. This is so important that many websites actually setup an entire domain name just for their opt-in list!

2. Let’s assume you have a newsletter subscription box that allows your readers to sign up for your newsletter. You have a free offer for signing up, perhaps a “Special Report” that readers won’t want to miss out on so they’ll subscribe, or even a special sales promo for those on your list.

The subscription box is setup very nicely and sells effectively, getting dozens of new subscribers each day, but unfortunately once the new prospect subscribes, a simple little “Thank You For Subscribing” page shows up to confirm their subscription.

That’s very nice and all, but the greater lesson here is that this is another page on your site to SELL! Why not put another offer on your “Thank You” page as well! This is PRIME advertising space.

The offer doesn’t have to be obvious or annoying. Actually, the offer should be something extremely subtle. You don’t want to keep bombarding your visitors with popup ads or flashing neon sales promotions… one sales pitch after another. By doing that, you lose credibility and trust!

But by being a smart website owner, you do want to effectively sell at every turn and take advantage of every opportunity.

In fact, more and more I’m finding a OTO (one-time-offer) on thank you pages. This is where you can place a valuable product or service for a special, lower price, and the offer is only seen one time. You already have their attention, so make the most of it!

3. Submit your Newsletter to all the Newsletter directories you can find, there a plenty of them on the net, and some of them get really big traffic every month. If your articles are good quality and informative then newsletter and website publishers will be interested and your work could end up being published in endless newsletter editions and hundreds of websites.

Not only will this increase your credibility, it could result in 1000′s more visitors, this is because at the end of all your articles which you allow others to publish will be a link back to your site. Don’t forget also if lots or your articles are published on websites then your link popularity will improve drastically. This will result in higher search engine rankings in Google and the other engines which use link popularity as a ranking factor, which or course means lots more visitors and profit for you.

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