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About Dennis Cheesman

Dennis Cheesman
Dennis Cheesman

Dennis Cheesman is the owner and writer of the IMC blog and private membership, which was created to help people become successful entrepreneurs. The IMC was started back in 2003 to help others who were looking at starting a new business and making the transition of leaving their dead end J.O.B.

Dennis is a husband and father living out in the country in Texas; he has one goal for this site, to make it a useful and helpful resource that will help many become successful entrepreneurs!

I spent the last several years reading, and studying other successful entrepreneurs and learning all I could so that I could help others. The IMC provides beginning entrepreneurs with the tools they need to successfully start, build, and grow their own profitable online businesses on small budgets — using the same methods that the Internet Marketing Circle itself has used over the years.

I’m here to help you in any way to reach your goals and create a business you can be proud of, and if you apply yourself, you can create an internet business that practically runs on autopilot, make a lot of money and spend your time relaxing, being with your family, or working on other ventures.

The Internet is changing the world of marketing and advertising and we have been at it pretty much from the beginning. I enjoy blogging, teaching, and network marketing with other internet marketers. I will be opening the doors to the private membership once again before too long so keep an eye out for it.

We are confident that you will continue to benefit from participating here, and if you want to contact me, please do so using our contact page.

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